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Even a small fire can destroy your property. In addition to the irreplaceable stuff you may have lost, as you consider the wreckage from the fire itself and the further harm caused when the fire was extinguished, it can be over whelming.

The repair of fire and smoke damage requires expertise, equipment, and skill. The IICRC Trained Technicians at Complete Water Restoration have the expertise to do the job right. You can trust us when you need fire damage rehabilitation services. We direct and support you through the process, handle and accomplish the most complicated and hazardous sections of the cleanup, and assist you in every phase of the cleanup.

To help you get a better understanding of what to expect, we’re going to outline our 6 step process of the fire damage restoration restoration. We hope this information helps you with your situation.

The Complete Water Restoration Process

Securing the Property

Fire damage will likely involve roofs, walls and windows. This might jeopardize property security. The Lilly Restaurant team will have full boarding services to ensure it is protected against any threats.

Complete Damage Assessment

The property is inspected and the extent of the burn, smoke and soot damage assessed by our IICRC certified restoration technicians. We also determine the destruction that was used to put out the fire from the water. This lets them expose all of the visible and hidden damage.

Removal of Personal Property

The technicians will carefully remove objects from the property after they have evaluated the extent of the damage. Objects, depending on the amount of harm they sustained. Items may either be restored or discarded upon your directions.

Complete Water Removal

Once our technicians secure your house, they start to extract excess water from the when the fire was extinguished. Then we use our state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly dry out the property to prevent further exposure to moisture and inhibit mold growth.

Complete Property Restoration

After we dry out the property completely, we clean the remnants of the soot using special equipment from decks, floors, walls and household products. Also removing biological and chemical contaminants is the Lilly restore team. With devices including foggers, smoke odors are eliminated. The property becomes sanitized at this stage.

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